Monday, August 17, 2015

A Pot of Many Uses

I like to make functional pottery.  I love the idea that it will be used, abused, loved and yes, perhaps even broken because then it will have served a positive, happy purpose in the world.  When people ask, "what is that pot for," I generally reply, "anything you need it to be for."  Mugs are great for soup and cereal.  Tortilla warmers are even better for microwaving veggies.  Little bowls are good for almost everything from holding jewelry, dip, paper clips or even marbles.  Pitchers make the prettiest utensil holders.  Every now and then I get a text or email with a picture of one of my pots in its new home, I love to hear from people.  Here one of my favorites!  Oscar the Bunny's new hangout.

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